Punch Music

by Team 15

Dodge, Dance, and Compose Music in Real-Time!

"Punch Music" is a dynamic interactive installation that combines making music with movement in an assault and defence game. Eight thoughtfully positioned sensors are used in this installation, which includes a human-like mannequin with four pressure sensors across from it and four on the mannequin itself. Attackers and defenders are the two groups of participants. Attackers contact the mannequin's sensors to produce music and activate the defender's foam sticks. Under the guidance of responsive lighting, defenders must predict and avoid the sticks, using their whole body to avoid and engage.

This playful arena encourages players to interact physically with music in a distinctively competitive environment while also improving coordination and rhythm. By fusing the excitement of a dodging game with the artistic delight of creating music, "Punch Music" presents a captivating means of friendship building. This arrangement is a perfect game for party, ice-breaking, team-building activities, or just a pleasant day that tests your musical flare and agility.

Technical Description

  • User's aspects
    * Attackers: Interacts with the mannequin, triggering notes and activating servos.
    * Defenders: The target of the interaction, indirectly involved as the recipient of the action.
  • Mannequin
    Outfitted with multiple servos and an advanced Circuit Playground board, the mannequin serves as the main interface for user interaction. It reacts by producing melodies and triggering motions in the palm and foot pads through the servos when the attacker strikes or touches it. Therefore, the mannequin becomes an active participant in the piece rather than merely a passive object.
  • Circuit Playground Board
    This microcontroller plays a critical role in identifying user punches or touches. After processing these inputs, it generates the necessary impulses to drive the servos attached to the hand and foot pads or to play music. It plays an essential function in converting mechanical and auditory outputs from physical encounters.
  • Servos
    The mannequin's hand and foot pads are precisely controlled by servos in the installation. They react physically to the attacker's activities by moving the pads in response to signals from the Circuit Playground board. The physical and interactive elements of the game depend on this movement.
  • Pads
    * Foot Pads: Two pads are positioned to be activated by the higher notes in the music. They are moved by servos and react to certain movements for the defender made by the attacker.
    * Hand Pads: Two pads are controlled by servos, triggered by the lower notes.
  • Music System
    The installation's main feature is the music system, which uses musical notes to audibly represent each contact. The Circuit Playground board provides inputs to this system, which uses the location and interaction of the mannequin to determine which notes to play. The resultant music not only acts as a direct feedback mechanism but also improves the installation's overall aesthetic appeal and enjoyment, giving each session a distinct sound that changes dynamically in response to the actions of the users.