IxD Exhibit @ Andrew Liveris 2023

The Future Everyday: Novel Interactions for Near-Future, Speculative Technologies

This event is the capstone course for Bachelor of Information Technology : User Experience Design and Master Interaction Design students. Students have designed and developed speculative experiences exploring the theme "The Future Everyday: novel interactions for near-future technologies."

This year the event takes place on Thursday 25th May in the forecourt of UQ's newest structure - the Andrew Liveris building on Staff House Road, St Lucia campus.

This website contains information on each project on display at the exhibit.

Aphelion's landing image


Haoming Tang, Shenda Wo, Pingyuan Wang & Ziyang Xu

MovementPro is a novel interactive device. Through motion capture technology, people can move their bodies to operate the model to move synchronously on the stage. We use models, music, lighting, special effects, ratings, and audience feedback to encourage people to showcase their individuality. We hope that users can gain a lot of learning experience about embodied during the use of our device.

Bakpia Patok's landing image

Escape or Die

Bagus Prabowo Reksoprodjo, Muhammad Gibran Raksadinno, Wishnu Hazmi Lazuardi & Yolanda Sirait

Are you daring enough to face the reality of disabled people during an emergency situation? Escape or Die is a simulation where users will be placed in a wheelchair during a fire emergency in a mall. Users have to escape the mall in their own ways. The simulation is created to provoke empathy in abled people towards disabled people during an emergency since they will realize that they will need help to get to safety in the simulation.

Bob the Builder's landing image

The Paradox of Perfection

Megaele Monita Muniappan, Abigail Borromeo, Karen Woo & Mihir Shah

The Paradox of Perfection is a project that aims to transport users into the dystopian future of social interaction: the metaverse. With the current normalisation of using face-enhancing editing software, we applied this concept to the metaverse as a projection of how the future could be. A future where social capital is determined by your beauty score. We encourage users to consider if the loss of individuality is worth the pursuit of perfection.

Byte Me's landing image

Beyond Authority

Akbar Putra Novial, Aleks Siroki, Sergey Gerasimov & Shivam Shipankar

Join us in an immersive, thought-provoking experience called 'Beyond Authority – Unmasking the Digital Veil.' Set in a simulated prison environment, you'll assume the role of a guard in a realm where technology takes a darker turn. In this prison, we invite you to unleash your inner bully, marvelling at how technology can amplify your worst behaviors. Reflect on the discomfort of causing pain and question if this is the kind of digital world we want to live in. 'Beyond Authority' isn't just a game, but a jarringly humorous mirror held up to the dark side of our digital existence. So, grab your baton and test your swing!

Electro-jesters's landing image

Moulded Memories

Niseraporn How Ying Low, Elias Blanch, Epinder Singh, Otis Carmichael & Rio Tanabe

Moulded Memories envisions creating meaningful interactions that leave lasting impressions within spaces where people spend brief moments in transit from one destination to another. Moulded Memories is a site-specific, projection installation that utilises asynchronous social interactions, prompting users to reflect on how they spend their fleeting moments. By encouraging users to be more “present in the moment” and consider their place in the world, we hope to inspire a sense of connection among users.

Fluffy Groundhog's landing image

Techno Tree

Yin (Alice) Fang, Wenfang Hao, Yingzi Zhuang & Danni Mei

Techno Tree is an interactive installation representing a futuristic world, post-environmental cataclysm. It aims to communicate in the future humanity would care more about preserving artificial structures than they were for the environment in current times. Through playful interactions, it aims to spark user reflection to enable them to re-think about the relationship with technology and nature.

Groove's landing image

The Groove Cube

Thisura Senarath, Zheheng Yang, Qianqian Li, Yue Jin & Guo Cheng

The Groove Cube is a very interactive device that allows people to use bass, guitar, drums, piano and other instruments without any basic knowledge. At the same time the user can experiment with different styles using the five sides. Our project aims to offer users a new way of experimenting with a range of realistic scenarios such as DJ collaboration through a series of feedback facilities and control systems around the Music cube as the centrepiece.

Pandora's landing image


Yangxi Wang, Yining Qiu, Siying Qian, Yanhao Hu & Yue Cui

Team Pandora aims to offer an alternative way for people to record memory of the scene and environment with smell through visualized way, promoting people’s memory. The domain of this project is the extension of senses. The experience of the design is to let users record things’ smell in the environment through capturing colors on things. When people finish picking colors, corresponding scents of things will be combined on the paper with colors picked, which could recall people’s memory of the scene and environment as a souvenir. This project explores an innovative extension of senses about vision and smell.

Passionfruit's landing image


Bingqian Ye, Dongdong Lai, Jiale Yu & Liang Yu

Rope ties is a multi-player digital rope skipping game designed to provide users with a platform to shorten the social distance and increase the chances of interacting with strangers. Break the social ice and get moving!

Red Bull's landing image

Shadow “Play”

Xinruo Wang, Chengchen Cao, Nan Wang, Wei-cheng Kao & Yu-hsuan Wu

Shadow “Play” is an interactive installation that provides people with opportunities to know about one of the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) – Shadow Puppetry, through manipulating the actual shadow puppet to interact with the scene provided, which allows people to be artists and audience at the same. With the disappearance of ICH all around the world, Shadow “Play” integrates technology and traditional folk arts to promote ICH and offer a novel preservation approach.

Social Distancers's landing image


Thuy Trieu Pham, Yilin Jiang, Xiang Chi & Xiyao Chen

RunSync is a vest that utilizes haptic feedback and tactile technology to enable a novel form of social communication. By using haptic feedback and tactile technology, the vest allows novice runners to communicate with each other through tapping messages, which are received as vibrations. The vest also has the capability to translate running pace data into steady vibrations, providing a new way for individuals to stay in sync with each other during physical activity. RunSync offers an innovative approach to social interaction that is both dynamic and engaging, which is beyond the conventional forms of communication such as verbal communication and body language.

Sprossen's landing image

How Slow Can You Grow

Sophie Atkinson, Kyle Christian, Laura Johnston, Rob Donaldson & Holly Catsoulis

‘How Slow Can You Grow’ is a fully immersive experience that explores how humans react to being faced with feedback – both short and long term - from their environment based on their positive or negative physical interactions. The exhibition examines whether humans are willing to take the time to positively interact with their surroundings not knowing if others will reciprocate, as such is true with the natural environment.

Team Halo's landing image

Planet Ring

Haishu Li, Zhe Wang, Jiayue Cai, Siyu He & Congxiao Zhou

Team Halo explores the diverse expressive behaviours of humans by observing and analysing interactions to find the fundamental reasons behind these behaviours. "Planet Ring" collects individual expressions about specific topics, analysing the connections among emotions, sentiments, ideas, and colour palettes while offering an alternative sensory experience through auditory expression.

Tree New Bee's landing image

Embrase Turtle

Ivan Tsang, Chris Jiang, Dorris Huang & Nancy Liu

Team Tree New Bee aims to promote the harm of plastic pollution in the ocean, avoiding people from producing more plastic waste. The intended experience through our design is to let users reflect on the impact of their actions towards the ocean. We will be using a playful, interactive visualised experience to deliver our idea to the public.