Musical Beats


A new way to discover music based on your heartbeat

Musical Beats is an interactive and experimental installation aiming to create human connections and share experiences for users. With Musical Beats, people are able to explore musics generated based on their heartbeats, visualize the beats with light bulbs and make dynamic musics with others. Through research, Team Ladies realised that music and the sound of a human's heartbeat is one of the most calming and peaceful sounds to relax by. By encouraging users to interact with others to listen and create music, Musical Beats aims to create an interaction based on this alone.

The istallation for Musical Beats consists of a glass table with a frosted surface, a projector, a web camera, heart pulse sensor and cube objects that represents different instruments tracks. Furthermore, a curtained area will be beneficial for the best experience with Musical Beats.

By interacting with Musical Beats, a user is required to put a hand on the heart shape in order to get the heartrate tracked. Then the beats of heart can be heard along with flashing and shining light bulbs that surround the user. Other users can then place a variety of colourful cubed objects within the lit circle on the table, Each cube consists of 5 different music tracks and rotating the cube can change the speed and volumn of the music. By collaborating with others, an unique music can be generated and shared.

We aim for users to leave stressfree and with a more relaxed mindset. Either just listening to the music other users create with your heartbeat, or even creating it themselves; this experience will be sure to have users leave smiling