Team Fluency

Building a multilingual future

Fluency is a language learning system aimed at beginners in the classroom. In this intended context, a teacher would guide students through the process of using the system. In terms of the system itself, users are shown a digital scene with a sentence representing a scenario. However, the sentence has a word missing. Users will scan augmented blocks each representing a character in an attempt to build the missing word. If the user builds the correct word than the scene will change to represent the overall sentence and a success message will be displayed. If the user fails to build a word, a generic ‘failure’ scenario will be shown and the user will be prompted to try again. Additionally, if a word is built that makes sense within the sentence but is not the correct word, the user will still be prompted to try again but will also be shown a unique scenario depending on the word. There are two levels of difficulty, the first level allows users to spend as long as they need to build the word whilst the second adds a timer. Before the game starts, the teacher can select the level and word-type and can assist the students in general. Overall the concept is aimed to enhance the language learning experience, making it more effective and engaging.