An interactive installation for social spaces, making people feel connected through sharing their thoughts before journey

Reflections is a public installation utilising both physical and digital components to create and enhance open-ended, playful and reflective experiences for its users while simultaneously enabling them to feel connected to the community at large.
As technology and technology-oriented interactions become increasingly prevalent in everyday life, social spaces become mere locations where people physically congregate due to necessity. These areas include locations such as airports, bus stations and shopping centres. Additionally, these tumultuous social spaces are predominantly seen within metropolitan areas, the inhabitants of which are shown to demonstrate higher risk of serious mental illness due to factors such as lack of social support, social segregation and isolation, or low socioeconomic status (Gruebner, O., Rapp, M., Adli, M., Kluge, U., Galea, S., & Heinz, A., 2017).
We were fascinated by airports in particular as they are a transient place filled with strangers with heightened emotions. These temporary patrons have different purposes and destinations, with seemingly little in common except for the fact that they are all gathered in the physical building itself. Would it not be interesting to find out each of their stories? Surely we all have something in common, despite varied cultural and social backgrounds?
Reflections therefore establishes its main ethos of emphasising community inclusion, introspection and feelings of connection through the creation of a visually organic yet digitally augmented social space.
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