Sound Seen

The Visionaries

Sound Seen utilises the users voice to explore the theme of making the invisible visible through investigating the meaning behind sound.

Sound Seen explores the theme of making the invisible visible through investigating the meaning behind sound. This involves analysing the volume, pitch, and inflections of the user’s voice, to determine the emotion they are conveying. Once the emotion is determined, this will then be represented visually, utilising colour theory, size, and shapes to portray the emotion. Sound Seen will ideally be placed within a café setting, so that it can be used to observe conversations between multiple users. The device is currently aimed at those aged 18 and older, as they have a deeper understanding of language and emotions and are more likely to go to a cafe on a regular basis. Sound Seen will take the form of a table with a screen submerged in the tabletop as it compels users to interact with the product. Users should be able to walk away after using the product with a greater understanding of how they use their voice to convey emotion.

In exploring the studio theme of playful, engaging, and meaningful interactive technologies in everyday life, Sound Seen aims to provide users with thought provoking experience that is also enjoyable for the user. The product does this through providing users with a situation in which they are able to manipulate their voice in order to see how other people might perceive their tone.

The Sound Seen is also relevant in terms of the chosen theme of making the invisible visible. Sound is something that is heard rather than seen, and when it is portrayed visually it is normally in terms of the waveform. Sound Seen aims to not only visualise sound in a different way, but also display emotions linked to a person’s voice. This device thus makes sound and the meaning behind some aspects of sound visible