Secret Garden

Team Wonderland

Bringing joy and wonder into everyday life

Secret Garden is a project by Team Wonderland that encapsulates the theme of whimsy and delight to create an enjoyable experience for families. Secret Garden is comprised of four physical components, two clouds and two mushrooms. Users can interact with the objects via touch or motion and will receive feedback in different modes of light. Different interactions will result in different effects.

The clouds primarily give feedback in the form of different lights when people move under the clouds. For example, the lights of one cloud will change depending on the temperature outside. There are five different colours that represent different temperatures; if the temperature is hot, the cloud will shine red/orange. If its room temperature, it will shine light green/yellow. If its cold, it will shine blue. If its freezing, it will shine purple.

The mushrooms are used to communicate presence between the users. If one mushroom is touched and the other is not being touched, then it will light up the other mushroom in a particular colour.

Secret Garden aims to provide functionality through the clouds as well as amusement through the mushrooms giving users a whimsical and delightful experience. Bring 'secret clouds' and 'secret mushrooms' to your family to share joy with them in their daily life.