Reverse Jenga

Team BC

Fortify Your Emotional Tower

Reverse Jenga is a unique adaptation on the timeless game of Jenga. Users interact in a collaborative manner to remove and replace blocks in an effective manner to construct a tall and structurally sound tower. However, Reverse Jenga also connects with the user on a vital and emotional level, this allows a connection to be formed between both the users and the towers emotional states.

Reverse Jenga draws on the technologies of various microcontrollers, specifically the Arduino Uno and Particle Photon. These microcontrollers interact wirelessly over a local NodeJS Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) server. The integration of heart rate monitors further allows users to connect with the game on a personal level. The Arduino and Photons read, transmit and receive the data recorded through these monitors. As the user data is transmitted by the Arduino, various effects are set based around the users heart rates received by the self-sustaining Photons within the Jenga blocks.

As heart rate thresholds are very strong indicators for stress levels, this provides a concise correlation to be drawn between the user and the way in which their blocks react within the tower. This is primarily used to cause both a conscious and subconscious acknowledgement of the users emotional state through a physical and visual representation depicted through Reverse Jenga. Once the users are able to identify and manage their emotional response and consequently, their emotional state, the blocks will return to their dormant state and promote a stable collaborative environment.