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AquaHub - Making home-management easy.

AquaHub is a water-based home management system, designed to provide you with piece of mind when it comes to managing your home. Leveraging open application interfaces, AquaHub allows you to monitor your internet data usage, power production and music throughout your house from the simple to use water-jet interface.

Unlike other solutions, AquaHub’s water-jet solution means you can easily see your home’s information at a glance, without having to navigate through so many annoying menus or voice commands. Using motion controls you can not only view your home’s various states, but also modify in real time what is happening around your house. If someone is using too much internet, simply limit their bandwidth by moving your hand down over their specific water-jet. If you want to play music in the lounge, lift your hand over the lounge zone water-jet to start playing your beats.

AquaHome also comes with its own extensible interface, meaning you can add your own management activities, such as turning on the toaster. AquaHome, giving you piece of mind, with limitless potential in an easy to use water-based home management system.