Maze Master

Over Achievers

Will the droid escape, or be trapped?

Robots and Humans: how will we work together in everyday life?

The Maze Master concept resulted from the desire to explore how people will react or behave in an environment were not only humans are affected by our actions, but also affecting human-like androids. While the project has been established as a game, the players' interactions will allow us to gather research on the topic.

Maze Master is a two player interactive game, where one player's goal is help the droid on the maze escape while the other player atttempts to prevent the escape. The small droid has been programmed to navigate the maze looking for an escape, and in its journey the players will be taking turns to move and place walls around the maze in order to either help or hinder the droid's escape attempt. The maze lights up to constrain the placement of the walls using a color coding system.

The game can be integrated into school playrooms, or workplaces which are everyday situations. From this project, we will be able to observe how the players behave towards each other and how they keep track of the droid. Do the players place more importance on the moves of the other player, or on the progress of the droid?

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