Rhythm n Rave

Team Pitch Perfect

"The new movement for experiencing musical rhythm"

‘Rhythm n Rave’ is a new, innovative, digital music platform designed for young school children to create their own rhythms through open-ended movement and collaboration. The intended context is a music classroom however, the platform can be used in any space desired.

The project was inspired by a popular instrument used to teach kids the basics of rhythm – the egg shaker. The egg shakers simplistic, light-weight, fun and mobile design influenced the development of our own version of the egg shaker which we call ‘musical orbs’.

The musical orbs are the main elements used in our platform that generate sounds and lights through movement. The sounds and lights are both activated upon movement with motion-sensing technology. The motion-sensing technology is an MPU-6050 accelerometer that omits different sounds and lights based on the change of movement. The user will be able to freely move the musical orb in any way to discover what movement triggers certain sounds and lights.

The platform is intended to encourage users to explore, discover and experience rhythm and sound through movement and collaboration. The entire premise of our concept and platform is that users can freely explore, collaborate and discover different interactions and movements to create fun sounds and rhythms – as well as socializing and having fun with their peers!