Magic Skirt

Team Nirvana

An intractable skirt embedded with LED lights that is designed to encourage kids to express themselves and cultivate creativity through body movement


Children construct knowledge through active play and exploration. [1] Children will be able to learn more when they are active learners and involved in the process. Physical development is a key part of early childhood, vital for children’s physical health, brain development and social skill. It is recommended that children spend more than 3 hours a day involved in physical activity.


Therefore, we come up with the idea of creating an active discovery learning experience to encourage children to move joyfully and freely. Our project is an interactive skirt with LED lights designed to encourage kids in the age range from 2 - 10 to express themselves and cultivate creativity through body movement. We hope to encourage children to express themselves freely and learn actively.

Children can put on the magic skirt and move freely. As they move, the pattern of lights on the skirt change along with their movement. The skirt is accompanied by a game interface with wonderful music. To play with the music, children can either choose to dance with a cartoon monster or to play in a challenge mode.

Monster on the screen will dance along with children. Children can explore the ways to transform the monsters through their movement. For the challenge mode, the player will be able to control a magic wand and catch colourful musical bubbles. The colour of the bubbles that they pick will be transported to the lights on the skirt. The two interaction modes are designed for children at different mental and physical development stages.

Through this experience, children can learn to control their body through creating a beautiful visual effect. It can also train their physical development and spatial concepts. This experience can enhance children’s creativity, confidence and stimulate their imagination.