Movement, considered one of the cores of expression, is a very broad topic and takes various forms, resulting in it being one of the most interesting expressions to explore.

Our installation

The method of expression that is perhaps one of the most obvious, is creativity. Creativity is, in its purest form, the embodiment of expression. It is a personal insight into the creator's psyche, as well as a representation of them as a person. Conversely, the purest form of movement is the movement that every human does every day. Walking/travelling. To combine these two then, would result in an installation that combines the purest form of expression, with the most basic, mundane task, providing a new way of expressing oneself purely through something done every day. This was the thought basis of Canvas.

A novel and creative way to combine these is ink splash drops. When a person walks on the floor, coloured ink drops appear where they have stepped. The size of the ink drop will depend on the speed of user’s feet step on the ground. By experimenting with different ways of moving their feet, different drops and strokes can be painted into the canvas. When multiple people are using the installation, different colours are designated to different users and, when these ink splots appear close enough to each other, the colours mix and combine into new colours. The more people interacting, the more vibrant and colourful the exhibition becomes.

Canvas aims to deliver a fun, interactive, easy to the use installation by inviting the physical movement of users to interact with the installation and express themselves. Our primary target audience is children, this project will allow them to explore their creativity, understanding the colour mixing concept, collaboration with others, and more importantly, to have some fun!