3D Tangram


The great link between reality and digital world

Primary students have many educational games as a part of their study plans, but often they rely on touchscreen devices and can lose the tangibility of interacting with physical objects. To assist in the development of spatial reasoning skills, we have designed a game for children to explore spatial reasoning concepts through playing with physical objects and working as a team. Using a mixed media environment, children are tasked with assembling a 3D object on the screen by using physical blocks with AR markers.

Our context is an educational game within a classroom setting which allows several groups of children to work together in completing a task. Primary school students at grade 3 can do it as an in-class game, or a rest-time entertainment. The teacher will give a target model and the group of students will try to assemble the target model with a set of physical blocks that have AR markers on them. They have to figure out which block goes where and can move and rotate the blocks to explore how they fit together. As there are several components in each task, it requires team cooperation.