Generic Interaction

Creating Better Workplaces

DeveLego is an interactive installation; designed to encourage and facilitate teamwork and collaboration between colleagues in an office environment. This in turn increases trust and improves working relationships; DeveLego aims to increase an organisation’s productivity by improving its office culture.

DeveLego is a generative installation that rises as users work together to build cities out of Lego. DeveLego responds to user input and provides feedback based on the way the user moves around and interacts with the space. The installation flashes interesting colours of light as people walk past the exhibit, inviting the users to explore the space.

As people create buildings and cities with the Lego, they experience feedback based on the way they build. A screen inside the exhibit provides the user with direct feedback based on their interactions with DeveLego. The space reacts differently based on how many people are using the space, how they build and what they build. Cameras analyse the colour of the blocks that the city is built out of and change the overhead lights to match that colour.

DeveLego is an interactive and generative installation, designed to facilitate trust and develop/improve relationships. It is useful in any workplace environment.