Suck It Up

Fourth Sense

Let us help you suck it up with Suck It Up!

Suck It Up is a project that combines augmented reality and tedious task of vacuuming. Our Team, Fourth sense, aims not only to make cleaning fun, but to, as their mothers would say, suck it up and do their chores! The concept has three major components, with a digital pet application, mobile stand and a figurine that users can place in their home, workplace, and wherever they need to clean.

Through an elaborate target user analysis of our 18 to 27 age range, the team worked together to develop a digital pet application for smartphones and include an element of physical computing by connecting it to the user's desired figure. Users begin with an initial pet called Cloudy, and as the gameprogresses, users will be able to unlock more pets with the use of coins that are collected by the act of cleaning. Each pet has a different personality and characteristics , such as likes and dislikes, and will be able to interact with the user through their digital devices. As time passes between each cleaning session, Cloudy will create waste and the user will want to clean, not only to make the pet happy, but collect points for further game play.

Users can connect their phones with their cleaning device via a phone stand, so that while they clean, augmented reality will be displayed on the floor through the screen. Cleaning is essential to our everyday lives, and with the sense of accomplishment users can achieve, we've provided another form of motivation through strength of light in Cloudy. The cleanliness of the user's room will determine the health of Cloudy, which will be represented by the change in brightness of the figurine.