Building Music

Dancin Designers

Anybody can create music if they are given the tools to do so and the freedom to explore.

Building Music is a product designed to create a musical experience for kids in a previously undiscovered context. Building blocks have been a statement of childrens playtime for many years ever since they were first introduced but never have we associated music with that play, that's where we decided to innovate.

We came up with the idea after doing research on what kids do during their scheduled playtimes, building blocks was an overwhelming favourite amongst children. The freedom to create and explore is what drives kids to use the blocks, the only limit to the amount of play is their imagination and we wanted to harness that imagingation and apply it to music creation.

The product works as so, there are 3 sides to the block that stick out and the other 3 are caved-in. By lining up the sticking out side with the caved-in side a musical tone will play. This tone differs based on what caved-in face you have covered with the sticking out side. By combining more and more blocks together into different patterns you can create an array of music and start exploring all the different variations you can make.

We can explain it all day but its more much fun to try out yourself. If you have any questions regarding our product please feel free to ask us anything, we're here to help wherever we can!