Team Combinaction

Collabortive game that connects people through creating circles

Problem: These days public spaces have become anti-social spaces with people more engaged in their devices than each other. This is why we created a piece of technology that encourages social collaboration.

Solution: Combined Capture is a collaborative game that was implemented to connect people in public spaces. The rules are really simple. The users must capture animals displayed on the screen by creating a circle with their hands. The goal to receive the highest score possible within the given time frame. To begin the game, the user must figure out how to play by exploring the menu page. Each animal is worth a different score and the bigger animal you capture, the higher score you receive. In order to capture the big animals, the users must cooperate together to create bigger circles. We implemented an easy and hard level so that people of any skill can enjoy the game. The target audience are children between the ages of 8 to 13 however we hope to engage everyone between the ages of 5 and 30.

After a lot of research and user tests, we finally improved our game to successfully convey our main message to the users while also addressing the problem space. Our messages encompass: By communicating and collaborating with other people, users can accomplish something greater than what they could on their own.

Technology: We are using the kinect's depth detection to accurately track the user's hands movements. We used unity to create the game and convert the kinect's detections into an object. Once the hands are recognised, it looks for a circle and registers this circle as a new object. If those circles are large enough to fit in the animals, the animals will be captured!