Learn to dance with music that evolves with you

Mancing is a dance teaching tool, that assists dance instructors with teaching children correct form. Doing specific dance moves in the correct manner will trigger the music to play. As you continue to dance the music will adapt so long as the form remains correct. By dancing with Mancing, children are able to correct their form in a fun and interactive way.

With the technology of the Window's Kinect and Unity, Mancing is made possible. Unity is a game development software in which Mancing was built on. It uses the Kinect for motion sensing allowing Mancing to pick up and track the user's movement and compare them to dance moves in the system.

When developing Mancing we talked to dancers and dance instructors to influence our design. One of them being, Lisa the studio director at The Studio Dance and Arts, who said, "it could be an interesting aid for students in addition to what they already do", but also warned us to consider, "safe dance practices and proper technical alignment are important". Keeping this in mind we designed Mancing to interact with correct form to ensure a level of safety.